Hi there! Welcome to ‘My Backlog‘. You’re probably here because you’re a fan of video games, movies, TV shows, and books. Let’s be honest, who isn’t?

The website is dedicated to writing about things I finish in my backlog (or TBR pile for books!). Every once in a while you’ll see a new post show up and it’ll always be something that I own that I’ve finally finished, or feel like writing about. Because of this — and the age of some of the items — you’re never going to see a post about the latest AAA video game or blockbuster movies. Sorry, but this just isn’t the place for that.

Anyways… feel free to stick around and read my stuff. Oh and please leave some feedback on my posts (if you don’t mind, of course).

Thanks, and enjoy!

Just a few Questions and Answers

Why should I read your site?

Well, you don’t have to. If you have any interest in one of the things I’ve written about then you’re welcome to read it or not. It’s totally up to you!

Why isn’t it all flashy and ‘Web 2.0’?

That’s not the point of this website. I’m not out to create the eye-popping and most visually alluring website on the internet. My Backlog uses a very plain theme as to not draw attention away from any of the features or reviews. Though I will be adding in images for the posts.

Will I see any advertising?

Nope, you won’t see a single bit of advertising on this website (well unless WordPress puts some in). The entire site is free and you’re not obligated to click on any links, and I’m not obligated to be nice about games or pamper PR companies. The closest thing you may see is a link to a store or another website (or a product page) if I think it’s interesting and fits with the website.

There won’t be any affiliate links on here either. Besides being a bit of a no-no for the WordPress.com free website packages, if you found this page then your Google skills are good enough to look up the things I talk about (don’t be lazy!).

Are you sure I won’t see any advertising at all?

This is an issue that I constantly think about. In its current state, MyBacklog is completely free for you and it doesn’t cost me a thing to run. If, however, the site does increase in popularity and I feel like expanding one day, then I may just add some.

Having a combination of business, journalistic, and marketing backgrounds, I don’t want to place any adverts on MyBacklog that don’t make sense. For example, you’re not going to see glaring pop-ups for estate agents or eye-sores for a new printer as I don’t cover those topics on the site. And feel free to criticise the hell out of me if there are ever interstitials. But, there’s nothing to worry about right now.