I finally Platinumed Final Fantasy XV and it’s still disappointing

In April 2017, I wrote about why Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) was a disappointing game. I’d promised myself that one day I’d Platinum it in order to get most out of the R1300 I spent on the Deluxe Editon, which included the incoherent Kingsglaive tie-in movie. Last night, I finally grabbed the last of the trophies for the FFXV and it still disappoints me.

FFXV is the kind of game that does so much right and, yet, so so much wrong. It has a gorgeous world devoid of life, it has a fast combat system that breaks the norm of JRPGs but also feels sloppy, and it has well-written characters that end up in a disjointed story. For every single positive, there is a negative.

Giving Final Fantasy XV a chance

Square-Enix has done an excellent job of constantly updating the game, fixing issues, and adding in new features. Over the past few years, I’d jump back into FFXV whenever there was a new patch that caught my eye. However, the gameplay session wouldn’t last more than a few hours and I’d shelve the game once more.

Almost a year ago, I decided to push through FFXV and finally finish up the story. It was a laborious task with some highs, but many, many lows. Around the end of January, I finished off the final boss battle, however, I’d yet to acquire all of the trophies. A week ago, I finally popped the game back into my PS4 and started grinding out the remaining trophies and I was enjoying myself up until the fight with the secret mountain-sized Adamantoise boss.

It was a fight that started off well enough and I liked how the developers brought the creature to life as it thrashed around in the middle of the world map. But soon, the shoddy camera and hit detection made the fight far less enjoyable than it should have been – and couple that with the graphics of the Adamantoise tearing and looking like an awful glitch.

Once it was dead, I still needed most of the trophies for the character skills (Cooking, Survival, and Fishing). God, how I loathe the fishing game which was hours of hoping I was lucky enough the land a decent catch, sleeping at a nearby camp-site to level up the skill, and going back to the grind.

At exactly 23:58 on the 5th of January, 2019 the Platinum trophy notification popped up. I sighed, popped the disc out of my PS4, placed it back into its gorgeous steelbook case, and put it back onto my gaming shelf. I doubt it’ll ever remove from that spot, relegated to a life of collecting dust.

Hope for the future

I’m not done with the Final Fantasy series, far from it. But I hope that the next main numbered entry is far more refined, coherent, and enjoyable.

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