An update on my gaming backlog (31 May)

After having completed both Persona 5 and Dragon Quest Heroes straight after each other, I’ve decided to take a break from gaming for a while. It’s not just those two titles, but also several RPGs I played back-to-back before them. I need a break to focus on the other parts of my backlog.

For now, I’ll just be taking some time off to let my mind rest, otherwise, I may become a jaded gamer. Don’t get me wrong, playing games is fun, but not on a consistent basis and to the point where it feels like a chore.

What content will I be posting on My Backlog?

Well, I do have a few horror movies lined up that I want to plough through. I’ve been waiting to be watched for ages and it’ll be nice to write about a film again. Speaking (writing?) of films, after watching Doctor Strange a few nights ago, which was pretty great, I want to read some of his graphic novels. I have a few in my collection that are untouched.

And, finally, there are a couple of novels that I want to read as well. At the beginning of the year, I wrote a list of titles I want to get through in 2017, but have been terrible about it. Hell, I’ve hardly read a damn thing that is fiction-based.

Up first is 2061: Odyssey Three, I enjoyed the 2001 movie, as well as read and watched 2010 as well. Looking forward to getting through this, and finally starting on 3001: The Final Odyssey.

Am I sure I won’t be playing any games?

Well, maybe. I do grind through Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest VIII just before bed, but don’t complete the story sections. I might continue to do that as it’s pretty mindless.

3 thoughts on “An update on my gaming backlog (31 May)”

  1. Honestly I feel the same way at times. Especially being a big Jrpg fan. In my case what I tend to do more times than often when I get to this point though is very much the same as you but I tend to sway more towards watching anime. Admittedly I still do play games though but it’s more something I can switch on and play for a few minutes and then switch off.

    Also I absolutely loved the Strange movie!! Would love to read a piece on it from you and your thoughts and views.

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