dark tower book 2

My Dark Tower novel series is now complete

I’ve been a fan of Stephen King’s novels for quite a few years now. In fact, they inspired me to start writing fiction. Like many, my fascination with them first began with The Shining. After that, I began collecting as many of his books as I could, or as many as I could afford. His magnum opus, The Dark Tower series, is one that hasn’t been easy to collect, but that’s partially my fault.

Many, many years ago I was pretty strapped for cash (I still am). During that time, I would take out books from the library instead of purchasing them to read later. Having recently read The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, I was excited to see that my local library had a copy of the second book, The Drawing of the Three. Because I’m a slow reader, this took a while to get through that this nugget of information has no bearing on my story at large.

Some time later, I was able to afford books again, but would only purchase those on sale or from second-hand stores. My collection slowly grew over time, which included the rest of the Dark Tower books, as well as the sort of spin-off title, The Wind Through the Keyhole. I’d opted not to purchase the second book as I’d completed it and instead focussed on the ones I didn’t own.

I came to find that The Drawing of the Three basically dropped off the face of the Earth. In fact, I couldn’t find it anywhere. You see, all of the other books – excluding the eighth – were from a specific printing and I wanted a uniform collection. Suddenly, every bookstore was stocked to the brim with the latest cover re-design, which created a unified spine when all of the books were collected.

From then onward, I’d pretty much given up hope.

This was years ago. While my other books collected dust, pining for a sibling I couldn’t give them.

It wasn’t until a few weekends ago when I decided to check a second-hand bookstore that was out of my way. There it sat, tucked away between Robert Jordan and a few other books from authors I haven’t read, a beat-up copy of The Drawing of the Three.

I immediately snatched it up and threw my money on the counter (well, in a polite and dignified way). Now, my collection is complete and I can continue to read the books in preparation for the upcoming movie. My Dark Tower novel collection is now complete.

Well, I am still missing a few of the prequel graphic novels…

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