3 dragon quest games

I’m playing 3 Dragon Quest games and didn’t realise

Last night, I finally completed the story section of the first Dragon Quest Heroes games. Upon shutting down my system and heading off to bed, I wondered if I should grind in Dragon Quest II on my Android phone, or Dragon Quest VIII on my Nintendo 2DS. It was then I realised that I’m actually playing three different Dragon Quest (DQ) games at once.

I’ve already touched upon the series a few times, but it seems my love for it is now cemented. Even though I only started with DQ last year, since then it has exploded in my game collection. I’ve managed to amass several of the mainline games, both Heroes spin-offs, and Builders as well. Though I still need to play many of these for more than a few hours, I cannot wait to do so.

These games range from traditional turn-based JRPGs to hack-and-slash titles, to even a Minecraft-esque entry. There’s a range of gameplay diversity within the DQ franchise, but it’s also a series that sticks to its roots. Even though each game has a different story, they share mostly the same music, art-style, and writing. It’s a franchise that also seems to improve with the release of each new mainline entry. It’s a shame the franchise hasn’t gained as much popularity in the West as the likes of Final Fantasy.

I think I may have an addiction to the DQ series.


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